The world today needs men and women who are honest, virtuous, selfless, and compassionate and can show restraint despite extreme provocation; also who can show the path of love and have the capacity to give without yearning for returns.

To fulfill this acute need of developing human beings with such sterling qualities and lofty ideals our founding Father Sant Attar Singh Ji declared our Mission Statement in 1906, almost eight decades before the first Akal Academy was established. That reads, “To establish permanent peace in the world through value-based scientific education and spiritual upliftment and provide solace and succor to the downtrodden and the deprived.”

The basic tenets of spirituality teach us to share, to do ‘Sewa (selfless service) and meditation, and to dedicate our life to ‘Parupkar’ (philanthropy). It advocates dismantling all barriers and boundaries, embracing humanity, and wanting ‘Sarbat Da Bhala’ (Universal Brotherhood). These are the principles that Guru Nanak Dev Ji enunciated more than five centuries ago and they are as relevant in the strife-ridden world of today as in the past – albeit even more so.Thus Spiritual component is one of the unique features of our education system.