Admission to Akal Academy Baru Sahib is purely based on Entrance tests and the assessment by psychologists and counselors. The entrance test would be for Math & English subjects of the grade, in which the student is currently studying or recently passed. Our admission starts from the 1st of December every year.

No. Admission is open for all irrespective, of caste & creed.

The minimum age required for admission is 4 years complete by the 1st of April. Admission is possible for grades (for boys & girls) up to grade IX. For grade XI, only girls are allowed.

Yes, it is a full boarding school up to grade XII.

Yes, it is Co-educational. We have the provision of a separate classroom for boys and girls after grade V.

The total fee for each class is different,ranging from 1.90 lacs to 2.50 lacs for all different Boards (IB, CBSE, and Cambridge). We have the provision where you can pay the total fee in three installments. Every year fee increases by 7 to 8 %.

No. It is up to you to deposit in one go or three installments.

Currently, we are following CBSE Nursery to XII grade and InternationalCurriculum:-International Baccalaureate (IB) for Nursery to V grade and Cambridge (CAIE) for VI to XII grades.

Morning wakeup call

4.30 am for Sr. Students

5:30 am for Middle Classes

6:00 am for Upper Primary

6:30 am for lower Primary

After the bath, Darbar Sahib for morning prayers (Nitnem)

till 6.15 am

Breakfast in the Mess

7:00am to 7:35am

Assembly- First Break

7:40am to 8:00am

Academic classes

8:10 am to 1.00 pm

Lunch break

1:10 pm to 1:45pm

Rest time& Snacks

up-to 3:50pm

Academic classes

4.00 pm to 5:40pm

Evening Darbar time

5:45pm to 6:45pm.

Academic classes

6:50pm to 8:00pm

Dinner time

8:10pm to 8.40 pm


9.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Lights off

10 pm till next day wakeup call

Generally, Sunday is for outing/picnic/extracurricular/ Inter-house activities

The upper age limit for NRI students is 10 years. No, the fee is different for Indian Students.

The other facilities include daily 1 hours of games time. Inter-house activities (Debates, drama, extempore, etc.), Art(Grades Nur-XII), Physical Education (Nur-XII), Computer/ICT (Grades I- XII), Language Lab (Grades Nur- XII), Library (Nur-XII), Counselling cell and club activities

We also organize inter-house, inter-school, District level, and National level competitions.

Yes, it is 50% less in the tuition fee for the eldest of 3 real siblings& 10% for the second sibling from the family.

Both IB & Cambridge are International Curriculums. The only distinction between the two is that in IB (InternationalBaccalaureate) classes are being offered from Nursery to grade V only, and in Cambridge, classes being offered are from grade VI-XII.

Both the curriculums emphasizeexperiential learning (beyond classroom teaching) and lifelong learning.

A child can start the Cambridge program from VI-grade onwards. If a child is applying for admission in grades other than VI, such as in grade VII or VIII or IX, he/she can join in Cambridge after fulfilling the Cambridge assessment tests.

Not encouraged as routine.In grade XI, only girls are allowed

Yes, after clearing the Cambridge Assessment test & vice versa.

There is a 2-month winter break from10th December to 20th February.


There is no provision of child meetings or calls in the first 40 days after the joining. However, after this period, there is a provision of three Parent Teacher Meetingsin a session, and one Parent-Child Meeting every two months.

The child can make calls to parentsonce in 15 days.

Yes. Caregivers& hostel wardens are there for their physical wellbeing. Besides this, qualified counselors, nursing staff and pastoral care managersare available.

Yes. We have 24*7resident doctors. Besides this, we have School health nursing officers & a hospital having a capacity of 100 beds.

Yes, we have round-the-clockcounseling services for the children. A dedicated team of 5-6counselorsisavailable 24*7. In addition, we have special educators &regular counseling sessions for children of all grades.

We have a dedicated Security Department, where Security guards are present at every exit point of the campus. In addition, we have CCTV’s in and out of the campus.

Yes, there are different programs designed for the students.

Warm water, warmers & long Coats are available for the students

Yes, our school remained open during the pandemic wave in 2020 & 2021. We took special measures in keeping the campus safe by exercising Covid’s appropriate behavior. Students & staff with negative RTPCRreports were allowed. Once allowed, they were subjected to a 10-day quarantine period for observation, and post-clearance from the medical department they were allowed to join hostels and duties respectively.


        In addition, we had a dedicated Covid Centre attached to Akal Charitable hospital &Akal College of Nursing, with all the facilities.

Yes, we do create a facility, where parents&children can meet with a glass barrier between them to maintain social distance and touch.