Guidance can be defined as a developmental process. When guiding our students, we will be helping them to:

Understand themselves

Develop their talents

Understand their abilities and shortcomings.

Plan a career in life

Counselling is a healing process through which the teacher seeks to establish a relationship in which the children can express their thoughts and feelings on their own situation. Hence counselling helps students in making their own decisions from among the choices available.

Role of Psychometric Assessments in Guidance and Counselling process

The purpose of conducting a psychometric test is to gauge a student’s personality type, behavioural traits and capacities. This is done through a meticulously drafted questionnaire that covers topics like basic numerics, linguistics, and situation-based examples. All of these when put together help to get an understanding of the student’s aptitudes in various streams according to their interests.

Traditionally psychometric tests were pen and paper-based tests wherein a student would have to attempt a pre-designed questionnaire. However, now along with the offline mode of testing, there is also an online test option available to students.

Keeping into consideration the engagement areas in line with Guidance and Counselling initiatives at our Akal Academies, we have incorporated various psychometric tests on Akal Learning Management System, and have also integrated with Advance tools of international fame (CIALFO) w.r.t. Psychometric Assessment cum Higher Education selection.

The relevance of psychometric test should not be limited to only evaluation of career opportunities only, it should also be used to evaluate student’s stress-managing abilities through their Emotional Quotient and get a deeper insight into their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, which can help them further in their careers and personal lives.

We look forwards to getting integrated with all the counselling teams across our academies towards developing a mechanism which provide a rounded view of a students, revealing their logical processes, aptitude for problem-solving, and ability to interpret and analyse a range of data., thus enabling the schools administration for academic  and overall growth and development of our students.